Our organization

HLS was established in 1974 and has since continued to provide a centralized, cost-effective linen service for its many customers. HLS provides services to acute care hospitals, long term care facilities, hotels, hospitality providers, rehabilitation centres and mental health facilities, processing over 70 million pounds of clean linen a year. With fifty years of experience the trained staff and management are internationally recognized as leaders in North America for quality finishing and cost-effective processing.

HLS Linen Services is an Ontario-based company with two locations in Ottawa and Woodbridge, and is proud of its fifty-year history of providing linen and laundry service to many regions of Ontario and into Western Quebec. HLS currently ships linen within Ottawa and Toronto as well as to Brampton, Etobicoke, Barrie, Muskoka, Cornwall, Kingston, Niagara region, Belleville, Whitby and parts of Western Quebec. In addition, HLS ships seasonally to the Kitchener and Niagara region.

HLS can provide a first-class dependable reliable linen and laundry service. We have the plan, team, and resources to provide an excellent linen and laundry service plan and meet all the requirements of our customers.

HLS services all regions of Ontario from our two locations and has the most comprehensive abilities and equipment of all laundries in Ontario. Both facilities are state-of-the-art and have the most up to date and modern processing systems in the world. Both locations are run out of plants representing a combined total of 250,000 square feet processing approximately 70 million pounds of linen per year with the capacity to process up to 120 million pounds of linen yearly.

Our History

HLS Linen Services was established in 1974 as a centralized service designed to provide laundry services to a collection of Ottawa-area hospitals who recognized the benefit and cost-savings associated with a single, centralized system that would support their unique, health and safety conscious linen and laundry requirements.

Since then, HLS has expanded to service hospitals and health care facilities, as well as hotels throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec via a custom built, state-of-the art facility that was designed to exceed the highest standards of safety and efficiency.