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Inside the Process: How Textile Services Deliver Cleanliness, Economy

Commercial launderers supply businesses with laundered linens, garments and other reusable textiles cost-effectively and hygienically thanks to best practices shown in this animation. Conservation and quality control measures are featured.

Prevent Linen Losses: An $840+ Million a Year Problem in Hospitals

Linen loss is widespread and expensive. Nearly 90% of all linen used in U.S. hospitals does not reach its useful life costing the healthcare industry more than $840 million annually. Preventing linen loss can create huge efficiencies for facilities and staff.

On The Right Track: A Cubicle Curtains Solution

This new, innovative, effective cubicle curtains solution provides comfort, security and simplicity.

MIP Swift Slider: Patient Repositioner

Find out how this cost-effective patient repositioner allows caregivers to safely and easily perform handling tasks with little physical strain.

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