Corporate culture


 “To meet the laundry and linen requirements of our customers through continuous improvement, innovation, leadership and technology in order to provide exceptional service and value while maintaining a viable, professional, diversified business.”


 While our core business is laundry and linen, people form the core of who we are as a company.  From our quality products that help healthcare in the community, to the strong relationships we have built with our clients and customers, HLS is proud to stand beside our customers in so many ways.  Our commitment to quality and to customer satisfaction stands at the forefront of all we do.  We have been in business over thirty years now processing over 50 million pounds of linen every year.  We have a tradition of providing leadership and forward thinking to centralized laundry services, as a result of being an independent organization able to both listen and attend to the needs of every customer we serve.

Open lines of communication are essential, and in fact, this dialogue often functions in several ways. At HLS, we feel our customers need to have access to information when and where they need it.

Our goal is to always serve our family of customers effectively and efficiently and to respond quickly to their changing linen demands.  We maintain high standards, which we have set for ourselves, by investing in people, quality products, and state of the art production equipment.  The investments that we have made to our people and our plant enable us to assure you not only great service today, but to also meet your requirements tomorrow.


 Open and clear communication is essential with both our customers and within our company.  On any given day, we can receive multiple calls from one client, originating from different areas within their organization.  At HLS, our job is to bring these pieces of information together, analyze, interpret and then ensure the service cycle continues to flow smoothly.  The financial impact of the service we provide is critical to our clients, all of whom are under enormous fiscal pressure.  In this light, we continue to remain cognizant of the role we play.  We have reached a new level of capability and effectiveness within the industry, incorporating the best from other industries into our processes.  A renewed focus on team thinking is helping us move toward the future.  Our growth in this industry is recognition of HLS Linen Services’ quality offering and commitment to service excellence.

It is critical we know where we stand among our peers.  Every two years, we submit ourselves to a full operational review in order to find out just where we are in comparison to other similar sized laundries across Canada, the United States and Europe.  Consultants review the indicators and benchmarks.  In our review of 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2008,2013 and 2015 we remain leaders in overall performance and in fact were ranked among the top most efficient laundries in the world.  This is something we are very proud of.  Our fill rate is also the best fill rate of any laundry in North America according to the benchmarking study.  To improve upon our operational performance, we develop plans for technological improvements.  We undertake regular customer Satisfaction Surveys and incorporate continuous improvement methods in our day to day operation.  This is key to our present and future success.  We value input on all aspects of the business from quality and quantity to overall impressions, delivery and communication.  More importantly is a reminder for us not to be complacent.  We are listening.  This survey helps HLS identify areas of improvement and implement the right solutions.

Our goal is to be the lowest cost producer of linen and laundry services in the country.  This will remain while at the same time maintaining customer service that is the best in the industry along with a consistent quality product.  HLS is a leader in innovation and are proud of its past which will be the basis for the future continued stability and pricing for our customers for many years to come.