Quality standards

HLS Linen Services are industry leaders in safety and quality, committed to quality improvement systems that ensure the highest standards are met and exceeded.

Computer controlled wash formulas and drying methods are only part of the process. We have bar coding of specialty linen and all carts. Our systems provide clients with information about their laundry costs and utilization history.

Measurable linen quality parameters have been established to ensure product quality and services are consistently adhered to. These parameters are reviewed by our linen user committee and any issues are dealt with immediately.

Concerns for excellent care and patient comfort are evidenced by the quality of our finished goods. At HLS we have a Quality Assurance Manager to assist in safeguarding all linens because the ongoing quality improvement systems at HLS ensure that we meet the requirements of our customers with consistently high standards of quality linen. An illustration of our commitment to you is in the degree of detail to which our team will work with you in order to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The HLS processing plant is fully equipped and ventilated so as to prevent the dissemination of contaminants. The ventilation system includes adequate intake, filtration, exchange rate and exhaust in accordance with local, Provincial, and Federal requirements.

We deliver clean linen and pick up soiled linen in strict accordance with separation guidelines. Clean and soiled linen are never transported together. We ship clean linen and receive soiled linens from separate loading docks, eliminating the possibility of cross contamination.

The soiled linen area is physically separated from the clean linen areas and suitable precautions are taken in processing.

HLS wash formulas, washing supplies, and water temperature conforms to those set by standard regulating agencies. The lines are washed in 160 to 180 degree water and ironed at 330 degrees.

HLS clean linens are assembled, loaded on stainless steel or aluminum carts, and are then covered in plastic and protected from contamination from the time they are finished being processed until they are received by the customer.

HLS washes and sanitizes all carts with germicidal detergent wash after each use.

HLS employees are provided with uniforms, protective supplies, vaccination programs, physical exams, and careful ongoing instruction through education programs on self-protection, safety, infection, and infection control.

Our high volume helps to reduce operating costs and allows us to continuously invest in improved methods and equipment, which increases labour efficiency and ensures lower costs for our customers. A recent benchmarking study stated that HLS Linen Services has the highest plant efficiencies among the 700 facilities studied in fourteen countries. The study pointed out HLS Linen Services is one of the most cost efficient healthcare laundries in the world and the best in North America.

Infection control

HLS is committed to maintaining strict infect control and adheres to careful and precise internal process to eliminate cross-contamination and the possibility of infection through linens processed in our facility.

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HLS Linen Services is accredited by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) which means that we are proven to adhere to the highest industry standards for hospital linen cleanliness, patient safety, and quality.

To learn more about HLAC visit www.hlacnet.org or download this overview (featuring HLS CEO and current HLAC president, Rocco Romeo).

ISO 9001

HLS is proud to be ISO 9001 registered. We test our linen and monitor new textiles to ensure cleanliness control, whiteness, colour retention and tensile strengths.

Industry affiliations


(International Association for Healthcare Textile Managers)


(Textile Rental Service Association)


(National Association of Institutional Linen Management)


(American Reusable Textile Association)


(International Fabricare Institute)


(Association des Buanderies et Lingeries des Affaires Sociales du Quebec)


Member of HLAC (Healthcare Accreditation Council) and is presently certified under this organization.


HLS Linen Services is committed to continuously promoting and improving Health and Safety of its workers and the environment. Protection of employees from injury or occupational illness is a major continuing objective. Recognising that health and safety is a shared responsibility between management and workers, the achievement of this policy requires the full cooperation of everyone at HLS Linen Services.

HLS Linen Services meets and, where possible, exceeds the letter and intent of all applicable legislation. This is accomplished by providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and by education and regular training to perform daily activities.

All supervisors have the responsibility of ensuring that workers are trained in approved work procedures to obtain optimal performance without accidents and injury.

All workers are required to support the Occupational Health and Safety Program and make sure that health and safety is part of their daily routine by following safe work methods and relevant regulations.

All workers will be held accountable for implementing this policy and program. Neglect of one’s health and safety duties will not be tolerated nor shall it be sacrificed for expediency. Safety, customer service, and sales must receive equal priority. No job shall be considered so important that time cannot be taken to do it safely.

HLS Linen Services has a Return to Work Program which will endeavour to offer modified work to those employees who have sustained injury or illness with a view to facilitating their rehabilitation to safely return them to their pre-injury job function as soon as they are capable. All members of the workplace have a shared responsibility to actively participate in the Return to Work Program when required.

At HLS Linen Services, we place the utmost importance on the health, safety, and well-being of our employees and others who may be effected by our work. We will continue to support and promote the right of workers to a health and safe work environment.