Our organization

Established in 1974 as a centralized hospital laundry and linen service, HLS Linen Services has expanded to provide linen and laundry service to acute care hospitals, long term care, hotels and the hospitality industry, rehabilitation centers, and mental health facilities throughout many regions of Ontario, including Ottawa, Kingston, Belleville, and Toronto, as well as in Western Quebec.

HLS Linen Services provides cost effective linen service within a state-of-the-art 185,000 square foot facility, opened in April 2007, which processes over 35 million pounds of clean linen each year to over 70 facilities throughout Ontario and Quebec including hospitals, long term care facilities and hospitality customers. Our customer fill rate of 99.9% has been maintained for the past seven years. As recognized industry leaders, HLS staff and management are highly trained and committed to adhering to the highest health and safety standards in addition to processing, finishing, and delivery efficiencies that are second to none.

With broad and significant knowledge about the laundry and linen requirements of both the health care and hospitality industries, HLS Linen Services responds to individual client needs with the product, service, and recommendations they need in order to run their business and operations efficiently.

Teamwork, communication, research, development, and responsiveness are at the core of HLS’ commitment to quality and client satisfaction. As such, HLS Linen Service operates a flexible operation that has been designed to meet customer needs, providing piece of mind and reliable, adaptable service.

Our History

HLS Linen Services was established in 1974 as a centralized service designed to provide laundry services to a collection of Ottawa-area hospitalized who recognized the benefit and cost-savings associated with a single, centralized system that would support their unique, health and safety conscious linen and laundry requirements.

Since then, HLS has expanded to service hospitals and health care facilities, as well as hotels and other hospitality organizations throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec via a custom built, state-of-the art facility that was designed to exceed the highest standards of safety and efficiency.