Customer Service, and Beyond

HLS has a long history of providing outstanding customer support. Our attention to detail and responsiveness is a core element of our business practices and corporate culture. Our operation is designed to meet (and exceed) our customers needs in order to give them piece of mind. Every so often though, we get the opportunity to extend that commitment and really be there for our clients when they are depending on us the most.

A few months ago Karen, an operating room nurse from the Toronto area discovered that she had left her wedding and engagement bands in the pocket of her scrubs. Though this was common practice for her and she had never forgotten them before, something rushed her out the door that day and she realized only later that she’s tossed her rings – along with her scrubs – into the hospital’s laundry bins.

After some panic and a few calls to hospital administration, Karen followed the trail of linen to HLS Linen Services in Ottawa. She was sure it was a lost cause but nonetheless explained the situation and tried not to lose hope.

While away with her family a few days later, Karen received a call from Ottawa which she initially ignored, assuming it could wait until after their vacation had ended. When she returned home and retrieved the message left by Krista Burke of HLS, she wasted no time in returning the call.

“Karen,” she heard Krista say “you need to play the lottery because we found your rings!”

What Karen didn’t know what that HLS’s state of the art facility is carefully controlled and managed by a committed group of employees. They were able to track and monitor the linen that came in from Karen’s hospital and so finding the rings was really just a matter of time.

On July 15th, Krista (and Karen’s rings) boarded a plane bound for Toronto. “After all the rings and that family have been through, we just did not want to take a chance or waste any more time on the mail service.” explained Krista. She made her way to the hospital and met with an elated Karen to hand deliver the rings that meant so much to her.