PURPOSE: HLS Linen Services recognizes environmental stewardship and for outstanding demonstration of GREEN RESPONSIBILITY.

AWARD: HLS provides an award to its customers who demonstrate excellence in GREEN RESPONSIBILITY and in order to symbolize the achievements of our customers in the area of GREEN RESPONSIBILITY in one or more of the following areas:

  • Overall use of reusable linen products.
  • Conversion or increase in the use of reusable surgical linen, packs and/or systems.
  • Use of reusable infection control linen products for cleaning.
  • Proactive linen management resulting in the reduction of linen and therefore the energy and other costs associated with processing this linen.
  • Limited waste through waste audits or elimination of linen disposed of as garbage or contaminated waste.

HLS Linen Services is certified as ISO9001 and ISO14001 and also under the HLAC (Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council) Accreditation and, as such, makes every attempt to reduce its carbon footprint and follow every practise it can with respects to its own GREEN RESPONSIBILITY in conjunction with providing a safe work environment.