Study shows that C. difficile spores can be eliminated in laundering without use of chlorine bleach

Thanks to a recent study by ARTA (American Reusable Textile Association), it has been shown that linens contaminated with C. difficile spores can be laundered effectively without the use of chlorine bleach, and instead using peracetic acid. As a commercial launderer that now uses peracetic acid in place of bleach – in the interest of the environment – this is excellent news for the team at HLS!

According to ARTA:

“These results are instrumental in substantiating the efficacy of a laundering program which has eliminated the use of chlorine bleaches in response to the prevalence of CHG-based surgical prep and hand washes, and which use peracetic acid-based laundering processes as an alternative bleaching mechanism.”

Peracetic acid, also known as PAA is a powerful oxidizing agent that is formed naturally in the environment through a series of photochemical reactions involving formaldehyde and photo-oxidant radicals. According to Wikipedia: “peracetic acid is a more effective bleaching agent than hydrogen peroxide itself.”

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